The Soaring Girls Club – Den Haag

Monthly activity for young girls that want to contribute positively to society.

  • Time: 15:30 till 17:00
  • Location: Koningin Marialaan 2, 2595GB The Hague
  • Monthly Contribution fee of €5 for room per family
  • Agenda
    • 15:30 till 15:45 – Welcome & Introduce a formation topic
    • 15:45 till 16:20 – Discuss topic
    • 16:20 till 16:25 – Short Break
    • 16:25 till 16:50 – Creative Workshop
    • 16:50 till 17:00 – Clean up & Close Out
  • When the weather is warmer, we can meet for outdoor activities (May/June &July)

Contact Persons
Aminata kpewa
Christy Aikhorin

  • In a summary, in today’s session most of us agreed that love and teamwork are important and the challenge is to have love despite differences in other to work well together. Love is always needed whether you like someone or not. And we have to work together because it is better, to learn from the other.
  • To listen to the other, we may need a third party to help like Jesus did for Mary and Martha.
  • Using the terms ‘equality, diversity & inclusion’, we shall discuss how this can be used as a force to do good, to support and help others, through love (not mere charity) and this way, make a difference.
  • At the end of the session, we hope to make a decision on which charity to support and how to raise funds. This shall then become the focus for the rest of the year – Making a difference through the creative work of our hands!!!